The leading climbing technique

Leading is the kind of climbing that you do by leading a climb. It is the process of climbing a mountain or a rock by attaching protection or leads as you climb. This is usually a technique that is used by the leader in the group who creates the path that the others have to take.

Lead climbing has to be done in sections. The protections are attached as the lead climber moves up a specific section. Then he stops at a place. The last climber in the group removes the protection as he moves up to hand it over to the lead climber so that the process can start again. It is tough to climb without any preplaced protection and if you have not done this before, you have every right to be anxious.

Prepare the manner in which you want to place the extenders and plan for the specific place where you will stop for the others to catch up. As you wait for them, you can plan the next set of extenders to use. The rope to the extenders needs to be added with carbingers. It is necessary that you focused at all times. And even if you are feeling anxious, it is not right to allow it to be evident to the group members. Protection should ideally be placed at a distance of about 1 to 1.5 meters. Rope dragging should be avoided to the maximum since it can damage the rope. This is something that can be dangerous if the climb is a long one.



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