The topic of descending requires equal attention when we are talking about climbing. Rappelling is one of the main techniques that are used in descending. It is controlled descent down a rock using a rope. While it is evident that one needs strong rope to rappel, there are other tools and equipment that is also needed to be able to rappel safely. A descending device or a rappel is required in order to ensure that there is no friction as the rope pays out slowly in a controlled manner. A climbing harness should be worn when ne is descending too. Climbing harness, helmets, gloves, boots and knee pads are essential to start rappelling.

Use at least two bomber anchors to make sure that you are safe. Three are obviously preferable. It is recommended that you tie stopper knots at the end of each rappel rope so that you just do not slip at the end of the rappelling rope. You should use rappel devices like an ATC or a figure 8 descender.

The process of pulling ropes is tough even though it seems easy. The knots can get jammed, the rope can get caught in cracks and there are be too much friction that can lead to fraying of the ropes. You will need to use a lot of techniques that are used in climbing like knots, rope management and more in rappelling too. So make sure that you know the right type of knots to use at the right time.



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