Other climbing techniques

There are a lot of climbing techniques that are used in mountaineering and rock climbing. Some of these have been discussed here. The elbow bar is the process of jamming an arm or an elbow and locking it into place. Campusing is a climbing technique in which only the arms are used and the chest jam is considered to a technique in which you jam the torso in a position to take some rest.

When you climb between two opposite rock faces with the back and in front of one face and the feet against the other, it is called chimneying. And the technique that involves using a jut in the rock to hold with only your fingers is called crimping. The Egyptian or drop knee technique is a method by which you can reduce the tension in the arm when you are holding a side grip. This is achieved by putting one knee in the lower position and the body twisted towards the other leg.

There are various kinds of extremity jams that are used. The whole hand jam includes the thumb up hand jam, the thumb down hand jam and the fist jam. The partial hand jam includes finger lock, thumb lock and pinkie jam. There are also foot jams like the toe jam or complete foot jam techniques.

Smearing is the technique where you use the friction from a surface to ensure that you do not slip and mantling is the process where you boost yourself using only the arms and end up with the arms being straight and extended downwards.



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