Mountaineering equipment

A large part of the equipment that is used in climbing rocks is also used while climbing mountains. There is the essential gear that you need to have that includes a climbing helmet, trekking shoes and gloves. But it is also required that you remember that you need to think of the altitude that you are going to achieve and are aware of the weather of the place to be properly prepared in terms of gear.

A first aid kit is extremely essential when you are going on an expedition. A first aid kit that is meant for a mountain climbing expedition includes more than the items that are present in a regular kit.

If you are climbing in areas where there is likely to be some snow, you need to make sure that you take along crampons that can be used to climb in ice. An ice axe is another piece of equipment that you need to consider while scaling peaks. There are special types of tools that you will require if you need to go underground and crawl in caves to get to a particular location.

Using satellite maps will give you a good idea of the terrain. In many cases these are also used to plan the route that one intends to take. While there will always be minor changes as you move along the slope and encounter various hurdles, the overall route can be planned before the expedition takes off. This helps plan in a better manner.



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