Climbing Techniques

There are various kinds of techniques that can be used in climbing. In fact, it is these techniques that can make climbing far easier than otherwise. Unless some specific techniques are used, it will actually be impossible to climb some peaks that are too dangerous to climb or too tough to scale.

Some of the techniques used in climbing include arm bar, dyno, Egyptian bridging, flagging, heel hook, crimping, chest jam, campusing, smearing and more. While it is important that you know as many climbing techniques that are possible, what is more important is that you know the specific technique to use at the right time. For example, snow climbing techniques are completely different from those that are used in climbing dry rocks. Climbing on mountains that have sturdy rocks is also different from climbing those that seem to have a lot of smaller ones. It is only when you use a technique at the right time that you are able to get the maximum benefit.

Other climbing techniques

There are a lot of climbing techniques that are used in mountaineering and rock climbing. Some of these have been discussed here. The elbow bar is the process of jamming an arm or an elbow and locking it into place. Campusing is a climbing technique in which only the arms are used and the chest jam is considered to a technique in which you jam the torso in a position to take some rest. When you...


The leading climbing technique

Leading is the kind of climbing that you do by leading a climb. It is the process of climbing a mountain or a rock by attaching protection or leads as you climb. This is usually a technique that is used by the leader in the group who creates the path that the others have to take. Lead climbing has to be done in sections. The protections are attached as the lead climber moves up a specific sectio...



The topic of descending requires equal attention when we are talking about climbing. Rappelling is one of the main techniques that are used in descending. It is controlled descent down a rock using a rope. While it is evident that one needs strong rope to rappel, there are other tools and equipment that is also needed to be able to rappel safely. A descending device or a rappel is required in or...


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