Climbing Equipment

Climbing, even when it is done recreationally, can be extremely dangerous. And therefore there are various kinds of equipment that is used in order to ensure the safety of those practicing it. While there is protective gear that helps you from nasty falls, there are also other kinds of tools that can be used in aiding the process of climbing. These may include ropes, hooks and locks too.

While the above mentioned are some tools that can come in handy as far as the specific process of climbing is concerned, there is also the aspect of ensuring that you are able to survive in the conditions that you are climbing in. This is more important for mountain climbing than for other types of climbing that do not take more than a few hours. From the right kind of food to other tools like water proof matchsticks, Swiss knives and flashlights there are many other items that need to be carried.

Mountaineering equipment

A large part of the equipment that is used in climbing rocks is also used while climbing mountains. There is the essential gear that you need to have that includes a climbing helmet, trekking shoes and gloves. But it is also required that you remember that you need to think of the altitude that you are going to achieve and are aware of the weather of the place to be properly prepared in terms of...


Climbing equipment maintenance

Just because you may have not used it for some time, do not assume that your climbing equipment is in good shape. Remember that all equipment undergoes a certain amount of wear and tear and therefore you need to check these thoroughly before you start in a new trek. The falls that you may have had and the large amount of scraping and rubbing that the ropes may have been exposed to will damage th...


Rock climbing equipment

The list of equipment that can be used while you are climbing a rock is extremely large. However, there is always a need to prioritize the things that you will carry on your bag in order to optimize the amount of weight that you will take along. The first thing that you need to make sure is that you are wearing extremely comfortable clothes. No part of your body should be restricted in movement...


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